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Pints for a Purpose – Thank YOU!

Thanks to those of you who came out to support WISE and bought a pint. Because of YOU…

We raised $4,774 for students in the Waugh School District!

A big thank you goes to Lagunitas for choosing WISE to be one of the recipients of their generous donations in support of their community this year. Lagunitas gave us 100% of the beer sales for the night, totaling $2,323. Thanks Lagunitas!

Also, WISE would like to thank The Melt and F.A. Nino’s for donating their time and talent to help make this event a success. The Melt rocked the stage and entertained our guests with their funk-jazz grooves. You can track The Melt’s upcoming shows on their website. They will be playing at The Big Easy on March 16th for the Petaluma Music Festival Showcase. Get out and vote for them! F.A. Nino’s food is taking Petaluma by storm. They are the talk of the town and WISE is blessed to have had their support for this fundraiser. You can buy F.A. Nino’s mouth-watering sauces in local stores. They also have their food truck at Petaluma Hills Brewing Co. on Sundays from 2-6pm. Keep an eye and ear out for both of these amazing talents. Food and Grooves to feed your soul.

Thank you Lagunitas, The Melt and F.A. Nino’s.

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