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Dinner with sports writer, Bob Padecky!

Hey Sportsfans, get your tickets to dinner with sports writer, Bob Padecky.

Dinner will be hosted by Melissa Becker, in her home, on June 10th, 2016.

Your ticket purchase enters you for a chance to win an autographed Major League baseball signed by Willie Mays! Bob Padecky will entertain you with stories from his career covering sports in the Bay area.  Dinner will be provided by Gus’ Big Boy BBQ and Beer will be included.

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What kinds of stories does Bob have to share?

On January 8, 1989, the 49ers would play the Bears in Chicago for the NFC title, the winner going to the Super Bowl. The 49ers won handily, as impressive a road victory as they accomplished. But that’s not what I remember of that time. What I do remember is what happened as I was sitting in Mike Ditka’s office four days before the game.I was interviewing the Bears coach for the Press Democrat. Ditka was notoriously ill-tempered. Many media were careful to parse their words so as not to enrage him. Which is why I remember so clearly what Ditka did in the middle of my interview.

Buy a ticket and hear the answer to this story and many more! This is sure to be an evening you won’t soon forget.

Your ticket purchase goes directly to The WISE Foundation directly benefiting children in the Waugh School District by funding the art, music, library and computer programs for the district. Thank you for your contribution and support.
Thank you to Bob Padecky and Melissa Becker for their generous donation.

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