Who We Are

The Waugh Invests in Student Excellence Education Foundation (WISE) is dedicated to maintaining and enriching the tradition of excellence in the Waugh School District. The foundation is a broad based, non-profit community organization whose purpose is exclusively educational and charitable and is to secure contributions from foundations, corporations, community, and individuals for the benefit of students enrolled in the Waugh School District.

Mission Statement

The mission of The WISE Foundation is to support the Waugh School District in providing a challenging and enriching educational experience that maximizes the learning potential of every student and prepares them to succeed.

Our Vision

Good schools are essential both to the well-being of individual students and to the civic health of our community. In this conviction, the WISE Foundation brings schools and citizens together to improve public education: to help our schools teach children to strive for excellence and achievement, to open young minds, and to expand the horizons of knowledge. The WISE Foundation endeavors not only to enhance the lives of Waugh School District children, but in so doing to strengthen the community as a whole, now and in the future, in Petaluma, and beyond.

What We Do

The WISE Foundation is composed of a network of business, individual and community support. This broadly based effort will make programs available to our students that add richness and excitement to the school curriculum. The WISE Foundation raises money for programs and services managed by the Waugh School District.