By funding these important programs, The WISE Foundation allows the district to use funds for other important services and programs like smaller-than-average class sizes, instructional assistants, reading specialists, English Language Development teachers, Library aides, and textbooks.

Last year, WISE gave the Waugh School District $170,000 to fully fund these programs. These programs are still not at full capacity since the state budget cuts, and it is our goal to increase funds raised each year to support the growth and development of these important programs. WISE would like to thank our sponsors and the community for their support of WISE.

Learn about the programs WISE supports, their growth potential and how you can get involved.


  • Library

    The Waugh School District provides an enriching library and reading program to help strengthen reading comprehension and enlarge students vocabulary.

  • Technology

    The Waugh School District strives to supply high quality technology to enhance learning and technological capabilities for all students.

  • Art

    The students in the Waugh School District are provided a rich and diverse art program that expands their creative thinking and promotes self-expression.

  • Music

    Studies show that music education can help to facilitate learning in other subjects. Waugh strives to provide excellent music education to its students.