The students in the Waugh School District are provided a rich and diverse art program that expands their creative thinking and promotes self-expression.

Currently, the art program is fully funded by the WISE Foundation however it is not operating at full capacity like it was before the state budget cuts. With 11 percent of WISE funds given to the district allocated to the art program, students receive art education for 45 minutes once a month.
Our goal is to get this program back up to full capacity with art education for Waugh students 45 minutes weekly. Check back soon for more detailed information about specific program needs and goals.
  • Donate to WISE. You can make a flat one-time donation or a monthly recurring contribution.
  • Become a WISE sponsor. Local businesses are an essential part of our community-funded schools. Your partnership supports Waugh students while promoting your business to our community. Each WISE sponsor gets their logo placed on our homepage with a link to their business website.
  • Consider volunteering in your student’s classroom to help with art projects.
  • Research grants for art supplies and resources. Consider talking to your school principal for other ways to help out and a list of current needs.
WISE funds allocated to art
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