The Waugh School District strives to supply high quality technology to enhance learning and technological capabilities for all students.

Currently, 47 percent of the funds the WISE Foundation gives the district is allocated to computer labs and technology. These funds are being used to provide students with 45 minutes each week in the computer lab with instruction. In addition, as the need for technology increases so does the need to maintain this technology. WISE funds 6 hours of computer technician support each day.
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  • Donate to WISE. You can make a flat one-time donation or a monthly recurring contribution.
  • Become a WISE sponsor. Local businesses are an essential part of our community-funded schools. Your partnership supports Waugh students while promoting your business to our community. Each WISE sponsor gets their logo placed on our homepage with a link to their business website.
  • Consider volunteering in the computer lab.
  • Research grants for technology in schools. Consider talking to your school principal for other ways to help out and a list of current needs.


WISE funds allocated to technology
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